At the beginning of spring 2017, drought began to spread across France. Water shortages began affecting the region of Brittany, then the northwest quarter of France before spreading to almost the entire western half of the country and a few departments in the northeast. By mid-July, decrees restricting the use of water or declaring a crisis situation had been issued for two thirds of France's 96 departments. Almost three quarters of the water tables that provide fresh water to water wells recorded low levels [according to a bulletin published by the French Geological Survey (BRGM)]...

82Number of departments (out of 96) issued decrees restricting water use at the start of August.

€ 700 - 850 mThe cost of the drought is estimated to be between € 700 and 850 m. The year 2017 would begin by a marked water shortage (the month of December 2016 was the driest December on record for the period 1959 to 2016.