The "natural disaster" legal guaranty is included under all "property" policies. The estimated number of insured risks for this market1 increased in 2017 reaching 90 million. In this same year, the Natural Disaster guaranty generated € 1.64 b in premiums, up 2.5% compared to 2016. In France, the exact total amount of insured property is not known as these figures are not included in the insurance policies. However, the total amount of all insured property on the French market is estimated by CCR to be over € 14,950 billion.

The statistics displayed in the table below are broken down by line of business and by category of insured risk, namely personal risks, agricultural risks, business risks (excluding agriculture) and motor risks.

Line of business Category of insured risks Number of insured risks2
(in millions)
Natural disaster premiums
(in millions of euros)
Average premiums
(in euros)
Value of insured property
(in billions of euros)3
(excluding motor)
Personal risks 42.3 872 21 8,110
Business risks
(excluding agriculture)
6.4 612 96 6,210
Agricultural risks 0.6 56 93 360
Total property
(excluding motor)
49.3 1,540 31 14,680
(including motor)
Motor 414 101 2.5 2705
Total 90.3 1,641 18 14,950

1 The notion of "property" market represents all risks covered by insurance companies operating in France, whether they be reinsured by CCR or by another reinsurer. These figures are based on the extraction of data provided by the insurers.
2 Insured risks is defined by a group of buildings covered by the same insurance policy and located at the same address, including buildings that are contiguous yet do not communicate. The number of risks is the result of the extrapolation of data for the entire insurance market provided by the insurers.
3 Insured amounts correspond to an estimate, based on an algorithm developed by CCR, of compensation in the event of a total loss in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy and prior to application of any deductibles or limits.
4 The amount indicated, provided by the French Insurance Federation, corresponds to the number of insured vehicles in France. Consequently, this figure is slightly over-estimated since a portion of all vehicles is not insured under property policies but only under casualty policies.
5 Insured amounts for motor vehicles are derived from CCR estimates calculated on the basis of the average motor vehicle price.